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Monuments and Memorials

Since 1983, Ray and Cristy Pfeiffer have coordinated the construction of many monuments and plaques which have been dedicated to various American units. Perhaps the one project which they were most responsible for and most proud of, is the US Navy Normandy Monument. On Pearl Harbor Day 2003, Ray was invited to address the Naval Order of the United States in Jacksonville, Florida.

Ray made a presentation which showed many of the monuments to the American forces in Normandy. At the end he said "Oh, yes there are no monuments to the US Navy in Normandy". As expected, there was great surprise. He went on to say "However, I can promise you a beautiful site on Utah Beach at no charge and no taxes. I will guide the Naval Order through the process if they take on the challenge".

The Naval Order raised $500,000 and on September 27, 2008, this magnificent monument was dedicated at Utah Beach. Historic Tours directed the dedication tour and a large ceremony took place. The monument was designed and built by Stephen Spears. He, Cristy and Ray became good friends during the five year period of completing the project. Both Cristy and Ray's dads were in the Navy in WWII and they are very proud of the monument.


Tour members of our Easy Company 506th P.I.R.,
60th Anniversary Commemorative Tour participated
in the dedication of the 101st Airborne Division Monument in Eindhoven, Holland on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the city in
September, 2004.




One of the last great monuments to the American forces in Europe in WWII was dedicated to the Yankee Division (26th Infantry Division) at the entrance to Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria.

The participation of the YD during the liberation of the camp had been overlooked until our tour to the camp with YDVA in 2002. In 2003 with the assistance of the American Battle Monuments Commission, the Austrian government and the American Embassy, a major monument was dedicated during our YDVA tour. The Deputy Chief of Mission of the American Embassy dedicated the monument which will be there for future generations to witness. Historic Tours is proud to have played a role.


Historic Tours was proud to coordinate the dedication of a new plaque at the Sherman tank in front of the castle in Clervaux, Luxembourg with the C.E.B.A. organization.

The tank was knocked out in December 1944 during the heroic struggle of U.S. forces to slow down the enemy's advance during the Battle of the Bulge. For many years the tank was designated as belonging to the 707th Tank Battalion.

Recent discoveries proved that the Sherman was a 9th Armored Division tank. Our Forbes American Heritage Magazine tour member Ed Griesbaum, a Battle of the Bulge veteran of the 80th I.D. and U.S. Ambassador Terpeluk unveiled the plaque in the presence of Historic Tours' 230 tour members on June 23, 2004.


Dedication of 8th I.D. Memorial in Milliers, France. Unlike most US Army divisions, the 8th ID never formed a divisional association but rather from regimental associations. We are proud to have designed and guided tours for two of these heroic regiments, the 13th IR and the 28th IR. During our 1999 tour for the 28th IR we coordinated the dedication of the only 8th Infantry Division monument in Europe.


We were privileged to assist the 20th Armored Division Association in coordinating the construction of this plaque at Dachau Concentration Camp.

All visitors view this plaque at the entrance to the camp.








Historic Tours was privileged to have coordinated the construction
or the dedication of the following monuments and plaques.

•  U.S. Navy Normandy Memorial – Utah Beach, Normandy
     Large monument dedicated September 2008

•  506th P.I.R., 101st Airborne Division – Eindhoven, Holland
     Plaque dedicated 2004

•  9th Armored Division – The Castle Clervaux, Luxembourg
     Tank dedicated 2004

•  26th Yankee Division Camp – Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Linz, Austria
     Large memorial at entrance dedicated 2003

•  28th Infantry Regiment – Lanveoc, France
     Dedicated 2003

•  28th Infantry Regiment – St. Efflez, France – Street named after Sgt. Charles E. Ballance
     Dedicated 2003

•  26th Yankee Division – Hill 310 "Purple Heart Hill" Chateau Salins, France
     Monument dedicated 2001

•  6th Naval Beach Battalion – Omaha Beach
     Plaque initiated by Historic Tours dedicated 2001

•  8th Infantry Division – Milliers, France
     Monument dedicated 1999

•  USS Salem – Villefranche- Sur-Mer, France
     Re-dedication of 1990 Plaque

•  20th Armored Division – Dachau Concentration Camp
     Plaque dedicated 1996

•  U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation – Slapton Sands, England
     Exercise Tiger Monument dedicated 1994

•  U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation – Plymouth, England
     Tree dedicated to U.S. Navy 1994

•  U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation – Utah Beach Museum, Normandy
     "Lone Sailor" Statue dedicated 1994

•  U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation – French Naval Museum, Paris
     "Lone Sailor" Statue dedicated 1994

•  20th Combat Engineer Battalion – Omaha Beach, France
     Plaque dedicated June 6, 1993

•  U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation – Townsville, Australia
     Anchor from USS Coral Sea dedicated 1992

•  5th U.S. Air Force Memorial Foundation – Townsville, Australia
     Bridge dedicated 1992

•  USS Salem – Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France
     Plaque dedicated 1990

•  738th Field Artillery Battalion – Luxembourg Army Museum, Diekirch, Luxembourg
     8 inch Howitzer dedicated to the battalion 1990

•  741st Tank Battalion – Omaha Beach, France
     Plaque dedicated 1989

•  741st Tank Battalion – D-Day Wrecks Museum, Normandy
     D-Day Tanks dedicated to the Battalion 1988

•  4th Armored Division – Bigonville, Luxembourg
     Monument dedicated 1987

•  4th Armored Division – Avranches, France
     Sherman Tank dedicated to the division 1985

•  4th Armored Division – Rennes, France
     Plaque dedicated 1985

•  4th Armored Division – Rennes, France
     New housing area named for the division 1985

•  4th Armored Division – Assenois (Bastogne), Belgium
     Two Plaques at “link-up” point of the 4th A.D. and 101st Airborne Division dedicated 1985

•  4th Armored Division – Chaumont (Bastogne), Belgium
     Monument dedicated 1985

•  4th Armored Division – Warnach, Belgium
     Plaque dedicated 1985


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