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On one of our Band of Brothers - Easy Company tours, we were joined by "Popeye" Wynn's daughter Dawn and her husband. She is in a few photos. There is a good photo of Cristy and Ray kissing at Hitler's Eagles Nest. Some of the photos of Cris by the tree and the plaques to Lt.Col. Harold Cohen who commanded the 10th AIB of the 4th AD were taken in Chaumont, Belgium. We did a tour for this highly decorated and teammate of Creighton Abrams in 1985 and the town dedicated the monument by the tree and the plaques to him. There is also a photo of veterans by the "GI Monument" in Clervaux, Luxembourg.

Our Photos, Many Years, Many Memories

Over the years we have been blessed with wonderful memories of beautiful friends we have made along the way. Many of them shared their memories with us through photographs. Let us share them with you. And please check the link at the bottom to Ray & Cristy's Scrapbook.


The MD pennant, the tank, and the howitzer were all dedicated during our history making tours for the 4th Armored Division and the 738th Field Artillery Battalion to the Luxembourg National Museum in Diekirch, Luxembourg in the 1980s. Others were taken at the Hofbrauhaus Beerhall in Munich. The photo of Dawn Wynn is at the exact place where the Band of Brothers endured hell near Bastogne in the Bois Jacques Forest featured  in The Breaking Point. This is also where Bill Guarnere had his leg blown off 69 years ago.

Photos from a tour we directed for Marshall Grossbard and his son Paul. Mr. Grossbard was a great guy who served in the 95th ID "The Iron Men of Metz" who was wounded on two different bridges in Germany. We took them to what had been the "Adolph Hitler Bridge" south of Dusseldorf. During the war, Mr. Grossbard had knocked out a tank on the bridge and was running when the Germans blew it up. He fell all the way to the bottom of the Rhine. He hit hard and his legs have never been right since. Today it is the "Europa" bridge. It meant a great deal to him that we got him to the exact place. The bridge was rebuilt to look the same as it did during the war. The first photo is of a buddy's grave at the Netherlands American Cemetery.

This is our good friend Sister Irmengard, Mother Superior of the Convent of the Holy Blood in Dachau Concentration Camp. She has been a great spiritual advisor for over 20 years. We met Sister Irmengard during our first tour for the 20th Armored Division "Liberators" Association. Our tour members have had some very emotional times with her. She is always welcoming. She is wearing a 101st Airborne hat given to her by Bill and Babe, then posing in Dachau with our 2010 Band of Brothers veterans. There is a photo of a 101st Airborne vet in Holland where he saw his CO killed. Another shows our veterans at the 501st PIR HQ the Netherlands.

These are pictures from our first "Easy Company Tour". Steve Bowman, our good friend helped with tours of Germany and the Bulge. He passed away from cancer in 2011.

You see "Wild Bill" Guarnere and "Babe" Heffron of the Band of Brothers laying a wreath with the Mayor at the war monument in Ste.-Marie-du-Mont; a tour member and WWII
re-enactors at Aldbourne, England; Wild Bill leading his family to the field at Brecourt Manor where he earned the Silver Star; Ray and Cristy at the far left viewing President George W. Bush at the 60th Anniversary of D-Day at the Normandy American Cemetery on June 6, 2004; a veteran paying his respects to a fallen buddy; Ray arranged for Tom Hanks to talk with one our veterans who was a survivor of the 741st Tank Battalion; Steven Spielberg discussing Saving Private Ryan with Ray; tour members at the Easy Company monument at "Halt Station"; and Cristy and Ray on their 20th wedding anniversary in Ireland.

That's Ray in front of the Navy Monument in Normandy. You can also see the entire monument from the rear. The picture of Cristy was taken in Wiltz, Luxembourg.


This group of photos is from our 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic and 8th Air Force Commemorative Tour in England for the College of the Ozarks. They take place at Parham Air Field. There are also photos of the Navy Monument at a private wreath laying at our Navy Monument on Utah Beach when we conducted a private tour for VIP clients. This type of specialized private tour is one of the things that I believe is unique to Historic Tours.

Ray conducted a private tour for Mr. and Mrs. Bill Black where Mr. Black's father fought. The townspeople left in 1940 and returned after liberation by the U.S. We arranged for a local historian to help. They were greeted as warmly here as in Normandy.

This is us with our friend Frankie Kieffer who died last year. Frankie was liberated by the US Army in Luxembourg and later served in the Luxembourg Army. However, his main achievement was the construction and on going work for the Battle of the Bulge Museum in the castle at Clervaux, Luxembourg. In the picture of Ray and Frankie, you can see the display showing Ray and Cristy's Dads in WWII in the Pacific. We are very proud that our fathers' photos and histories have been seen by so many thousands of people.

The last three photos show our tour members being awarded medals by CEBA in Luxembourg, an association that honors WWII veterans who liberated The Grand Duchy. We have worked with them for 30 years.

Here are photos of our 2011 tour for the College of the Ozarks. We were front and center at the official re-opening of the Observation Post at Pointe du Hoc. You will see photos of the ceremony including Secretary of Veterans Affairs Max Cleland and photos of Ray guiding tour members on
Omaha Beach.
















In 2012, we conducted a Prestigious Private Tour to Germany for the Walters family. It was our first private tour which included so many kids. The kids were great. We had the VIP bus with a kitchen area in the back.

That is the entire
family at the beautiful Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber and Ray with his good buddy Nathan.

Cristy posed with Katie, while the Walter's grandchildren posed with wine glasses on our Rhine River cruise.

At the bottom you can see our good friend Sister Irmengard, the Mother Superior of the Convent of the Holy Blood in Dachau Concentration Camp. She welcomed the Walters family as she does with all our tours. She gave them cookies and tea.

These pictures are from our "Hands Across The Seas" show and dance which was on the market square in Bayeux on June 8, 2004. We put the show together with our friend Karen Dupont. Karen is a American/French school teacher in Bayeux. We had hundreds if not thousands of people at the event. We hope to duplicate it in 2014. That is Cristy up there in the show, translating. Our veterans got up and danced with the kids.

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